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Zazenkai & Jukai Ceremony: Conclusion of Householder Sesshin

The December 14th Zazenkai will be the last day of the Householder Sesshin.  Everyone, whether or not you are participating in the Householder Sesshin, is invited to attend.  The zazenkai includes both sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, mindfulness practices and the opportunity for private interviews with a teacher.  

At the conclusion of the Saturday Zazenkai, we will be conducting a Jukai Ceremony for those completing Precepts Study.  This ceremony provides the opportunity to commit to following the Bodhisattva Path, and look deeply into our lives to observe how we embody the precepts.  All zazenkai participants are welcome to stay and bear witness.

NOTE: If you plan to attend on Saturday only, the cost is $10. Click HERE to pay $10 for Saturday only. 

Later Event: December 21