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Roshi Ray

Roshi Cicetti studied with Roshi Robert Kennedy, S. J. for fifteen years in the White Plum lineage and received dharma transmission in 2004, as a lay teacher, becoming Roshi Kennedy’s sixth successor. Ray Ruzan was officially authorized as a roshi by his teacher on January 10, 2019. Roshi Cicetti is founder of the Empty Bowl Zendo, where he has been a teacher for fifteen years, and a Preceptor for eight years. He has one dharma successor and one on the way.

Roshi Ray is a psychotherapist in private practice with an emphasis on stress related problems, relationship issues, and bringing spirit back into the therapeutic relationship. Roshi is married with a grown son and two grandchildren.

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Sensei Michele

Sensei Michele Keido Daniels, dharma heir to Roshi Ray Ruzan Cicetti in the White Plum lineage received dharma transmission in March 2018 and is Roshi Cicetti’s first dharma successor.

Sensei Michele is a resident lay teacher along with Roshi Ray at The Empty Bowl Zendo. She was the zendo’s practice leader for four years before becoming a Dharma Holder. She received Jukai in 2012 and served as Shuso for two Angos. Currently she serves on the EBZ Board and organizes residential retreats. She is a former public school educator who supervised the district’s English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education Programs. Sensei Daniels now enjoys retirement with her husband.