Sensei Ray Cicetti Authorized as Roshi

Sensei RAY Roshi.jpg

The Empty Bowl Zendo Board is pleased to announce that our beloved Sensei Ray Ruzan Cicetti was officially authorized as a roshi by his teacher Roshi Robert Kennedy, S. J. on Thursday, January 10, 2019.

Years after dharma transmission, a sensei is eligible to receive Inka from his/her transmitting teacher. It is an honorific formal recognition of a senior teacher who has a deep understanding of the Zen way. With this recognition, a teacher may be referred to as Roshi which means old or venerable teacher.

Roshi Cicetti studied with Roshi Kennedy for fifteen years in the White Plum lineage and received dharma transmission in 2004. He is Roshi Kennedy’s sixth successor. Roshi Cicetti is founder of the Empty Bowl Zendo, where he has been a teacher for fifteen years. He has also been a Preceptor for eight years. He has one dharma successor and one on the way. We wish him happiness and peace as he continues his journey to encourage, inspire and support us on the path to liberation. Deep bows and congratulations!