Dear Friends and Sangha Mates,

Beginning January 2019, I will be offering precept study (Jukai) for anyone who would like to receive them. The Bodhisattva precepts are about taking refuge in the teachings of the Buddha Way which includes the 3 treasures (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha). The precepts are considered the moral and ethical teachings of Zen and are essentially about living the teachings through the development of character.

In Jukai you will sew your rakusu, which represents the robe of the Buddha, draw the kechyimaku (lineage chart) connecting you to the lineage of teachers who practiced before you and a dharma name representing qualities of your practice.

Jukai is taking refuge in the teachings of the precepts, composed of the three refuges, the three pure precepts and the ten grave ones.

Part of our study will be to work regularly with me as well as with others who are studying and required readings which will be offered to enhance study along the way.

Those interested in Jukai study should contact me about a start date and information.

A donation is suggested.

Thank you

Ray Ruzan Cicetti