Ango on the Heart Sutra


Ango means peaceful dwelling or dwelling in peace.  It is a concentrated period of time for intensifying formal practice and fusing it with our daily lives.  During this two month period, as meditation and practical application complement each other, we will explore the edges and barriers of our practice, releasing us into the peace that dwells within.

This year we will be studying and applying the teachings in the The Heart of the Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra.  We will primarily be using Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Other Shore.  We encourage all participants to obtain this book so that you may follow along with us.  

This year our fall Ango begins at our zazenkai on Saturday, October 13 and ends during our Rohatsu Householder Sesshin December 6 – 9, 2018.  We are asking participants to make a commitment to this Ango intensive by

  • applying the teachings to daily life.

  • sitting zazen regularly both at home and at the zendo.

  • attending the two zazenkai during the Ango period and the Rohatsu Householder Sesshin.

  • sharing insights in daisan with the teachers.

Our Ango Practice leader, Ron Manning, will set the tone for this event.  He will introduce the theme, highlight different aspects of it and offer encouragement to help participants embody the sutra.   Throughout the Ango period, there will be teisho and discussion offered by Sensei Michele.

We hope you seize this opportunity to enhance your practice with the support of fellow sangha members.  If you have questions, please contact Ron